Paskelbti GSOC 2010 projektai

Jau paskelbti Google Summer of Code 2010 projektai. Šiame sąraše yra 18 patvirtintų FreeBSD projektų. Galima pasidžiaugti, kad dayvauja vienas lietuvis:

  • Andrius Morkunas, Making ports work with clang
  • David Forsythe, Complete libpkg and create new pkg tools
  • Gabor Kovesdan, Collective limits on set of processes (a.k.a. jobs)
  • Efstratios Karatzas, Audit Kernel Events
  • Ilya Putsikau, File system changes notification
  • Jakub Klama, Generic DMA engine framework for FreeBSD
  • Benjamin Fiedler, BSD-licensed Text-Processing Tools
  • Alexandre Fiveg, Ringmap Capturing Stack for High Performance Packet Capturing in FreeBSD
  • gleb kurtsov, Namecache improvements
  • Julien Laffaye, Complete Package support in the pkg_install tools and cleanup
  • Sergio Ligregni, Distributed audit / log shipping daemon
  • Volodymyr Serbinenko, Port FreeBSD to Yeeloong
  • Stanislav Uzunchev, BSNMP enhancement: A new module
  • Mohammed Farrag, FreeBSD project in GSoC
  • Zheng Liu, Enhance FreeBSD ext2fs to support preallocation and update ext2fs to able to read ext4 file systems
  • Gabriel Silva, 802.11 Fuzzing and Testing
  • Ivan Voras, New experimental infrastructure for stable packages and binary updates
  • Ilya Bakulin, Make optional kernel subsystems register themselves via sysctl

Atnaujinimas: paryškinti projektai buvo patvirtinti.



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